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Connecting a lap top with Linux lite to a tv


Hello not sure if this is the right spot to ask this question

How do I connect my lap to to my tv with an HDMI cable ? I connected to two up but instead of the tv acting as the monitor the screen from my laptop is in the top left hand corner I tried to get a screen shot to add but it would not let me. The tv screen had the linux lite symbol ( the feather or what ever it is) and the laptop screen is a small section of the top left corner even when i adjust the settings so the tv is the main monitor the same issue image in top left hand corner not the whole screen I've been able to do this with a windows lap top and pc but not Linux I have a pc with Linux mint 19.03 and my Linux lite laptop 5.2

Any advice would be greatly appreciated

Several factors can cause hdmi issues.

1) Some laps control this through fn keys.
2) Nvidia cards have their own controls
3) Some TVs need to have zoom (overscan) turned off
4) Some TVs only display 1080p widths
5) If Kodi is installed it sometimes takes over control of this with window max min settings and/or res settings

Is there a mouse pointer on the big part of the screen, or only in the small section at the top, or not at all?


Dana Marsee:
I had similar problems with my setup.  It took me  a while to figure out the right settings for "Display".   Here is what I ended up using and it works great for me.
In Control Panel, Display I have my laptop chosen as my number 1.  It is not chosen as my primary. I have clicked mirror displays.  I have the same screen on my laptop as I do on the TV (fullscreen).  It works great for me. I hope it helps you.

Hey! I'm building a new PC running Ubuntu. It's going to be used as an entertainment PC running films, music and possibly one or two games. In that room there's also going to be a Wii.

I'll either need a large monitor and some way to connect a Wii to my monitor (like using adapters). Or I'll need to get Linux to display properly on a TV (which is probably going to be the Nox Vidmate VLC "JVC LT-26DA9").


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