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Cannot open MP3 files


Thank you for the info fleurweasley and sonic :)

Just for reference, maybe during the installation you didn't checked to Install this third-party software which includes the MP3 decoder.

So, it turns out that this is related to restricted extras. Fortunately, these are easy to install. Go to System -> install additional software  and number 15 (at least on my list) pertains to restricted extras.

Look out-- it won't let you install this if you have the Synaptic Package Manager open somewhere, so make sure you close that first.

Then re-start whatever program it was that you were trying to make work.

Thank you for your patience, I am new to the Linux community.
I am unable to get either Banshee or Rhythmbox to open MP3 files. I spent all yesterday trying to figure out what wasn't working. Several forums suggested that I needed to install the gstreamer plugins good, bad, and ugly. I did that (perhaps unsuccesfully? I can't be 100% sure I did that right).
I ran 'sudo apt-get build-dep banshee' from the terminal, which also should have gotten the necessary dependencies, I think (by "ran" I mean that I put that into the terminal and pushed enter, and I got some sort of message leading me to think that the operation I was undertaking had gone through correctly. Again, it's entirely possible I am ignoring a required step here).

So having gone through the suggestions found on the forums of the software, I turn to the LL crowd. Is it possible that neither of these softwares works on Linux lite? Or that Linux Lite has a specific requirement which I am unaware of?

I am running Linux lite 32 bit, xfce environment, on an Acer Eee PC netbook. I have already searched and installed system updates.

I would very much appreciate any help. I'm trying to be independent about finding my own solutions, but as I mentioned, I've been on this stupid problem for two days and am feeling stuck and frustrated.

Thanks in advance.


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