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Brave and Chrome browsers ask for keyring when started.



Just click continue, you'll be warned about leaving a blank password, don't worry about it and press continue again, that's it, you won't be bothered again! :)

Hello LL Team. I'm a newbie but already starting to put things up on my old Asus Laptop. I really am in love with Lite 5.8 and already managed to function well with a lot of applications and programs I use on my daily routine.
One of my "problems" now is that every time I start Chrome or Brave browsers, that I've installed, the system asks for my password, keyring, to open, and that is annoying. It does not happen with Tor or Mozilla probably because Mozilla is the system chosed default browser.
I've searched before here on this forum for the very same problem and I found that long ago somebody had the same issue and solved it by using the command sudo apt-get install seahorse that was suggested by Jerry and after that to complete the procedure the answer 29 from has appointed. The problem is that I cannot find that answer and as a result I cant solve the issue.

Sorry to come back again to this topic but I'm stuck  and really want to know how to solve this kind of issues in the future.



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