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AV1 Video Playback funky


See here - looks like if you want AV1 in SMPlayer, you'll have to use the Flatpak version Version 22.2+

Smplayer is my fav player for linux.

VLC is the recommended software for AV1. Do you want to use another player instead of VLC?

Got a funky one for you, may be simple too.

Playing back any videos with the AV1 video format flickers / skips heavily when using just about anything but VLC to play it.

Sound playback is fine in all the media players though.

Using kernel 6.3, tried other kernels with same thing.

System should be PLENTY fast to do av1 playback (not even encoding).

System Specs:

CPU:  Intel 13600K
Mobo:  ASRock Z790 Riptide
RAM:  32GB DDR5 6400
GPU:  AMD 6950
Sound Card:  Asus Strix Raid


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