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Add terminal commands to LinuxLite iso


I have LinuxLite as one of several Linux OSs on a USB, using Ventoy. I would like to have the terminal command "chntpw" as part of the iso. This command is not part of LinuxLite, but I need it to be on the iso so that I can help people who have forgotten their password and need access to their laptop. The "chntpw" command allows me to delete the current Windows password, which allows the user to access their laptop again, without a password. They can then choose to create a password within Windows, if they so desire.

In other words, I need to be able to insert my USB into a laptop, and have the LinuxLite live USB come up, with the "chntpw" command already installed on the USB. That way, I don't need to have Internet access to download the chntpw command.

So, if there is a way to add a command to the iso before copying it to the USB, I need to know how to do that.



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