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Accidentally deleted the bottom start bar

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So I accidentally deleted the bottom start bar.  Is there an easy way to get it back to looking like when I first installed LL 4.2?

I don't know if resetting it to "factory conditions" is possible but you can right click on the desktop.
Applications > Preferences > Panel
From there you can add a panel to your desktop and put launchers and widgets to your liking.

That didn't work well.   Looks like a big mess now.

If completely deleted its possible to rebuild it by configuring a new panel and adding in New Items, Launchers, Separators etc etc... Which is what @UltraCookie is referring..
This older post may help to get you back in the right direction..

If the original panel (panel1) is still there only jacked up may be posting a screenshot, someone might be able to give input...

Another option, if you have made a recent Time Shift backup would be to use use the restore point and revert back...

** Update ** added a screenshot of my 3.x system.. Should be relatively close.. Panel /Add New/Properties of an object... You'll add then tweak setting it its own properties, not the just panel properties.


For the 3.8 32 bit it works from the terminal with all this commands.
cp -r ~/.config/xfce4 ~/.config/xfce4.old
cp -r ~/.config/xfce4-session ~/.config/xfce4-session.old
xfce4-panel --quit ; pkill xfconfd ; rm -rf ~/.config/xfce4; rm -rf ~/.config/xfce4-session ; cp -Rf /etc/skel/.config/xfce4 ~/.config/xfce4; cp -Rf /etc/skel/.config/xfce4-session ~/.config/xfce4-session ; sudo reboo

I do not know if this going to work with ur 4.2 64bit


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