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(WINE, FSviewer) My folder is gone after trying RENAME + [ESC] for canceling it

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I encounter a deleting/disappearing file/folder problem under WINE and FSViewer.

The problem will be happened If I'm trying to rename a folder (using right click and choosing 'rename' in pulldown menu) and then click [ESC] for canceling  the rename action. After that action, certainly I will not able to find the folder/file even though I had searched it outside WINE, such as  via terminal (using 'ls' command).

Right now the important for me is to recover the disappear forlder/file. Thanks for any suggestion for recovering.




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If you can remember the folder's exact name try creating a new folder in the location the missing one was and naming it the same as the missing one.
Sometimes that works, sometimes not.



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Might still show up in catfish if you don't update the file base before the search.

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Linux Lite 5.0 RC1 is now available for download and installation