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What Mobo?


Don't know if building your own computer is new to you or not, but if it is here are a couple of sources for components (there are plenty more, including Amazon, if you do a search for that):


"Need to boot from USB port."  Would imagine most (if not all) new MB's firmware (BIOS or UEFI) have that capability.  After you've narrowed down your list, just download their user manuals to double-check that.

"Need to be able to run Linux w/o uefi."  You'll need to look through the specs of your MB choices with regard to UEFI vs. BIOS; not sure how many new ones use BIOS anymore.  (My most recent build was a couple of years ago -- MB selected had BIOS back then.)  Possibly models that have been around for a few years would have the best chance of that.  Models that have come out recently will probably have UEFI.  Most of those should allow you to change the UEFI settings to use BIOS/Legacy/CSM mode for booting and installing if need be / wanted.  (CSM = Compatibility Support Module.)

Here's one site that does various reviews on hardware compatibility with Linux:  Phoronix.

From what I've noticed on forums, biggest problems are related to using the latest and greatest graphics cards.  Takes a bit of time for development of drivers for the newest models, so that causes problems or they don't work at all until some time later.  Second common issue is Broadcom wireless.  Some of their cards work fine (after installing a proprietary driver) and others don't.

Once you've selected a few choices for MB, graphics and/or wireless you may want to post them here and in one or two other forums to ask opinions specifically on them.  Right now your question is too broad.  Describe your computer usage plans/needs -- just for basic web surfing, office programs, etc.?  Or will you be doing graphics and processor intensive work -- serious video editing, CAD design, etc.?  Budget range? Etc.

P.s.  Other forums to post questions to:

I need a new motherboard for my DIY PC.
Need to be able to boot from USB port.
Need to be able run Linux w/o uefi.
Cheaper the better.
I live in USA.


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