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UPS - Tripp Lite 750A - How To Configure Shut Down?


 I gave up, CostCo had a better UPS Unit which is a CyberPower with longer run time that was $3 more than the APC.  Amazon took the APC back, no questions asked and I got the CyberPower unit.

The moment I plugged it in I could once again configure what to do when on UPS Battery power (Critical Power)

Is your hardware on this list ?


If so, then might give you a lead.

Linux Newbie here,  I just replaced my CyberPower UPS With A Tripp Lite 750A.

Linux 'saw' the CyberPower and I had the ability to set a timeout to shut down when the power went out.

If I look under the hardware/usb I see Tripp Lite Internet750U listed among the hardware but I don't have the little utility I saw on my
task bar to configure the shut down like I did with the CyberPower

Any suggestions?


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