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streaming problems on firefox


Honestly, that computer will struggle to do many things, especially web browsing. You could try to install a less demanding web browser like Midori to see if that helps.

Open a Terminal and do one line at a time:

--- Code: ---wget https://astian.org/download/midori-browser-for-debian/?wpdmdl=3677
--- End code ---

--- Code: ---mv index.html?wp* Midori.Appimage
--- End code ---

--- Code: ---chmod +x *.Appimage
--- End code ---

Then just double click on Midori.Appimage to use it.

I also sent a full report in the attached file. You see even here I can't open my files by pressing the button provided. I had to drag the file in

operating system linux lite 6.2
cpu intel celeron N2840 @ 2.16GH
Ram 1911644 KiB
Motherboard Type1 PrCONF/802A (Hewlest-Packard)
Graphics 1366x768
HD 30 GB

Please post the specs of your computer.


Hi I am new here. Actually I am new in Linux as well. The problem that I face with firefox is that when I whatch a movie it freeses for some second and then starts again.. what is more when i try to download from a web page or upload the window from doesn't open to upload or download a file. only by draging. I tried chrome explorer an this was worse. in about 2 minutes the whole expolorer freezes. So I have to restart and so on.Why does it happen?


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