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I put Onboard on my student study laptops all the time in the event the real keyboard stops working.  I generally use Onboard although for some reason if it won't run on some of the laptops I have used Florence.

The key to having it show up right away on start up is as follows (I will see if I can find my old post in my book marks and if so will add it here). These are the steps ONCE you have done what Jerry mentioned and installed Onboard:

Open Lightdm greetings settings>go to Misc. tab then check Keyboard, choose OnBoard in the drop down menu then also choose "Enable at Start". N
Next time you boot up the computer it should show up.


--- Code: ---sudo apt-get install onboard
--- End code ---

where is the screen keyboard? i can't find?

Hello All  I'm trying to install and run on startup an onscreen keyboard :) :)


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