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Mouse settings an Linux Lite 4.4 change the double click

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bernard stafford:
SOLVEDOn the Mouse Settings can Linux Lite change the always Double click to Both Single click
 or Double click Option ?  I noticed on the Mouse & Touch-pad settings -> Behavior [lower blank area] is not being used for anything yet.
One simple switch/ Default is Double click which is always ON /OFF Being Single Click the only other option.
Other Linux Enthusiast that may have a Handicap or even  Arthritis would appreciate the gesture.
The Impossible is only Improbably Possible. It is LINUX Endless Possibilities, with the Dedication of Responsibilities & Endless Abilities...
Thank You For Being You !

That's not possible sorry. It has to be one or the other, not both.


@bernard stafford ,

If it could be your way, how would the computer predict when you wanted to use single click instead of double click?  How would it know when you wanted to use double click instead of single click?

My mouse has two buttons and a scroll wheel between them (Logitech), the scroll wheel is also a third button single clicking it currently opens a workspace menu. Cheap mouse (priced 0.17) does the same.

If there is a way to change scroll button clicks to another behaviour such as 1 click selection it could be a work around (adapted technology) to solve this.

I made a test.

x1 click of left mouse button (on a 2 click mouse button) opens Linux Lite Main Menu.
Mouse over of Graphics Category shows softwares.
x1 left button click opens Gnu Image Manipulation Program.
x1 left button click of minus symbol in Gimp reduces Gimp window to panel.

x1 scroll wheel click opens the workspace menu, on the desktop.
x1 left mouse button click on Gimp in this Menu restores Gimp to full screen.

The index finger used to do this has <20% of normal sensitivity, it was easily achievable in 1 clicks to do this using it.

Under these circumstances Linux Lite already has full one click capability out of the box.
It can also determine when to use a single left button click and a double left button click, out of the box.
On the scroll wheel click the menu has workspace 1, workspace 2 categories and the softwares open in each.
This can be used to switched workspaces with x1 click of left button.
It also has an option in the menu to remove workspace 2 from the menu, this telling us the menu can be edited.
Possibly it will show more than 2 workspaces if these are created ?

From an adaptive technology (or small desk space) perspective this method of navigation requires less movement of the mouse on the desk so can be useful.

Suggestions for future consideration by the Team -
a useful hack of this menu may be if it were always having a link to the forum, manual, or main website appear in this scroll click menu.
Adding the method to an adaptive technology section in a future edit of the LL manual.


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