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Mouse settings an Linux Lite 4.4 change the double click

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I forgot to check selecting and opening an existing file using single clicks but have now done this.

x1 click of the scroll wheel on the file can select it (highlight).
x1 right button click on highlighted file opens the context menu, it can do this without selecting but for accuracy of test I checked.
x1 click of the scroll wheel in the menu on, open the file using.. opens the file and program.
Alternatively x1 click of mouse left button can open the file in the menu.

I tested using .odt file with LibreOffice, text files with Leafpad, pdf files with pdf viewer, and mp3 files with VLC media player, there may be differences with other file types.
I accessed the file locations using single left clicks Linux Lite Menu, mouseover My Computer, single left clicks on documents, or music folders to open them.

bernard stafford:
Thank You reading all of your Posts you figured it out:
 :)    MENU => SETTINGS =>  DESKTOP => ICONS => 
 [CHECK MARK BOX]  Single Click to Activate Items 
Thank You:  8)   bitsnpce   8)   :) 
It was on the desktop settings all along.

You are welcome :) bernard stafford

Great stuff @bitsnpcs :)

@Jerry  8) :) , it is always interesting for me to learn in the Linux Lite community.


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