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[ ABANDONED ] Linux Lite Suddenly not Playing Internet Radio Stations

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Linux Lite Suddenly not Playing Internet Radio Stations
« on: January 14, 2019, 04:05:35 PM »

Javelin Dan

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Hello all. This is my first time here, and if I chose the wrong forum room I trust the moderator will redirect me to the right place.

I am currently running Linux Lite 3.8 32 Bit on two old netbooks I use for different purposes; an Asus Eee PC that sits on my workbench for research purposes, and a Samsung NC10 which I use as a media server to stream podcasts and internet radio all over my house using an FM transmitter (I've HAD it with Bluetooth!). Until just a few days ago, all was good and I was able to stream a particular iHeart radio station on either machine directly through iHeart or through a companion app called "Tuner". Then about Thursday of last week, suddenly I couldn't play either source on either machine. The pages load completely, all the "handshakes" take place and an icon for the station comes up with live ads that change, but I get a message that says "This station is no longer available". On the Asus, I also have Linux Mint 18 installed, so I decided to boot into that and the same station plays without issues as it does on two other iMacs we own that have LM 18 installed. The same stations play normally on my Android phone. All machines are fully updated.

I sort of assumed it might be because of a missing codec or security certificate, so I checked to see if I had "Ubuntu Restricted Extras" installed and I didn't. I Installed it - no difference. I'm kinda out of bullets at this point and was wondering if anyone had any ideas.

I really like Linux Lite, especially on these two old machines. Linux Mint runs kind of slow and clunky on these resource challenged boxes, Whereas Lite is quite snappy. Guess it's all kind of academic though since this is the last 32 Bit version. May have to eventually migrate to Puppy. Bummer!
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Re: Linux Lite Suddenly not Playing Internet Radio Stations
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It should pull in any plugins required for most common audio formats/stream types.
Basically, most of the packages in this meta-package have various licensing/patent issues.

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Linux Lite 5.2 RC1 is now available for download and testing