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LL2 encryption: accessibility of files by Win7 or XP in dual boot system?


In the installation guide notes you show clearly how to encrypt LL2.0 (home folder) following installation.
Apparently, when you are logged off LL2 the 'home' is  encrypted, and when logged on 'home' is not encrypted.

Consider the following set-up: a Win7 - LL2 dual-boot system where the folders in 'home' (with the exception of 'Desktop') are shared between the two operating systems on a common data partition.

Surely, if 'home' is encrypted using LL2, they will be inaccessible when booting up through Win7, as they are encrypted when you log off from LL2?  I'd be grateful for some clarification here - many thanks.

I understand that file encryption is important for file security in the event of theft, but does it also help to further protect a computer from viruses or other malware generally? I am just wondering, apart from the theft issue, whether it is worth encrypting. The laptop I have in mind is only used at home for my personal use (no other users). Should it be encrypted if there are other users sharing the laptop?

Many thanks for any feedback



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