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Linux Lite 5.0 - Fragmented Work Area


Dear Watson... ;)

From the picture... it seems the laptop is a MultiLaser PC-150.
Google search mentions it would have a AMD A4 9120E CPU or similar.
Another Google search says that CPU has integrated graphics in the form of :
Radeon R3 series (128 Shader cores)

*Smokes pipe while looking in the distance...*

What video card do you have?

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what was causing this problem was 1366x768 resolution.
I managed to change it to 1280x720 and the problem was solved. No more fragments.

Hello guys!
After I installed LL 5.0, my desktop is fragmented, except the mouse cursor.

Any window is fragmented - only the mouse that is not.
The fragment happens diagonally. The window opens on one side and exits on the other side.

When changing the user, only this window is correct - after entering the user, it becomes fragmented again.

The screen is also slightly correct when you turn off the notebook.

What can I do?
I have already reinstalled the OS and the problem continued.


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