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Keyboard layout changes to US on boot


I have a danish keyboard but for some stupid reason my ThinkPad T520 does not have the <>\ key (between Z and shift), so in order to write < and > I have added US keyboard layout, which I then change to whenever I need those characters. But after adding it, it always starts up with US keyboard layout on boot, instead of Danish. How do I make Danish default?

Jacob Pertou:
This is my best bet:
Settings → Keyboard → Layout → Uncheck "Use System Default" → + Add → Choose Danish layout in the pop-up window → move it to the top of the list → Check "Use System Default" → Close.

Just out of curiosity, wouldn't it be more convenient with an external keyboard, instead of changing languages that often?

That seems to have solved it, thanks.

An external keyboard? When I'm sitting in the couch or bed with my laptop? No, that doesn't sound very convenient.


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