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Fan control iMac running

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Fan control iMac running
« Reply #1 on: April 07, 2024, 10:06:52 AM »


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I'm new to Linux.. so hoping I can, firstly, get some help.. and secondly that I can understand how to implement the suggestions! :) Here goes..

I have an iMac 2009. I recently upgraded from the HDD to a SSD, but in that process the HDD sensor is now not functioning. This means that the fan that is meant to keep the HDD/SSD cool runs at its maximum speed.

When I was on Mac OS I was able to download several apps that could control the HDD fan and lower the speed when required (which was most of the time).

Now that I'm on Linux Lite, I am struggling to find a way that I can control the HDD fan.

I've tried several forums suggestions:

Most (I think all) refer to sensors... but the nuance with my situation is that there is no sensor present! Is there a way to simply change the fan speed without addressing anything about its sensor?

Hoping for some help!



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Forums have been rolled back a few days due to bug