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Keyboard 10 key not working

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This is an old thread, but worthy of an additional comment: some CMOS, BIOS settings configure the NumLock key on startup to be either up or down. I'm not sure about how UEFI handles it yet.

Incidental Note

If you're on a laptop, typing in a password and it's not accepting it, consider at least two things:

* Caps Lock, the obvious first choice, and
* NumLock, which remaps UIO->789, JKL->456, etc.DAMHIKT.

You mention its a laptop - is this a full size keyboard (with the "10"/"Numberpad") or an external keyboard (USB) ?

What't the make/model of laptop?

Hi again!

I'm not in front of my Linux machine right now but adding to trinidad's post, I though that maybe :
1. You could check the Numlock status with the virtual keyboard if there is one (I have not used it if it's there, just throwing ideas)
2. If you have a live USB key lying around, check if the numpad works in another distro?
Just in case some juice,soda, ice cream from the kids went inside the keyboard when you were not looking ;))

I'm referring to the 10 key that is standard on a Lenovo G50-45 laptop. This 10 key has worked on every version of Linux I've ever installed on here. I have never had any trouble with the keyboard in any way.

As for the numlock light, I thought of that and have pushed the numlock key multiple times. It makes no difference.

Well it's a bit hard to follow this. First answer this: Is this the onboard keyboard for a laptop or an externally plugged USB or PS/2 or bluetooth keyboard? Second answer this: Is this an n-key rollover gaming keyboard? Third maybe give us the keyboard make and model. There are several possibilities for your problem unique to each type of keyboard.



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