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Intel_backlight not detected. Brightness not working


Georgios Chav:
Kernel 5.9 worked.

Btw, the main reasons i use this distro are:

Fractional scaling
No gpu taxing animations and shadows. Makes a big difference in VMs.

You could try a newer kernel from Lite Tweaks.

Georgios Chav:
I have an intel 1135g1 lenovo laptop. I live usbed a Kubuntu 22 distro and the backlight worked just fine. It had created an intel_backlight folder to control the brightness.

I installed LL 5.4 but it did not detect an intel backlight nor adding boot commands like acpi_backlight=vendor solved the issue. Hardware or software keys could not change the brightness.

How could I add the drivers from the Kubuntu usb or otherwise solve my issue?


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