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How do I properly uninstall a distro dual-booted with LL 2.0?


Many thanks Rob and gold_finger.  I tried what you advised and the problem is now solved. Cheers!


If LL 2.0 is the distro currently in charge of booting the computer then you have nothing to worry about.  Just boot into LL, use GParted to delete the other distro's partition(s) (make sure they are unmounted first) and run sudo update-grub in an LL terminal to eliminate its entry from the boot menu.

If the other distro is controlling the boot process, then boot into LL 2.0 and install grub to the MBR of the drive so LL takes over boot control.  (sudo grub-install /dev/sda assuming sda is the drive you boot from.)  After rebooting, run sudo update-grub to update the grub menu and get rid of the entry for the now deleted OS.


This may be deja vu, but a few days ago, I had to remove Linux Lite from a dual-boot PC. Using a LiveCD, I deleted the LL partition and swap area and rebooted. Of course, I received a 'grub rescue' prompt at the next boot.

It took another reboot to the LiveCD, installing the boot-repair PPA and boot-repair, and running boot-repair to fix everything for me...


On a second laptop, I have LL 2.0 dual-booted with another distro (also ubuntu-based),
which I would like to remove, so that I only have LL 2.0 remaining on that computer
as my OS of choice.

I know that I need to do this properly, as merely deleting the distro's partition in Gparted
could mess up the grub screen spectacularly, and the computer generally.

I assume the procedure would be the same if I had any number of distros multi-booted
up to the maximum permissible number of 4 on any hard disk drive.

Grateful for any guidance on how to go about this. 



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