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Help on Bluetooth (Turn on and turn off)


Why do you want to "quickly turn off and turn on" Bluetooth?

Hi! I am super new to linux and I have spent the whole day trying to find this that I want. (Simple things). It was a bit hard for me since this is my first linux install, I have found some of the things that I needed (Wifi icon, battery indicator, FN keys reversed) But I am stuck on the option to quickly turn off and turn on bluetooth. Connecting a device is fine, I was able to connect my headset but I cannot seem to quickly turn it off.

Tried to search the using the start menu (not sure what it is really called in linux) and I can see two bluetooth options. First is bluetooth adapters (tried opening it but it only has visible and invisible, no option to turn off)
Next one I found is the bluetooth manager tried to click on it and it only shows the option to connect or search for devices (I connected my bluetooth device here) but there is still no option to turn if off)

I also tried adding both bluetooth adapters and bluetooth manager to the panel but even if I right or left click, I see no option to turn off bluetooth. 

Anyone please help.

linux lite 6.0
Intel Celeron n2830
2gb ram


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