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Dual Layer DVD Burning in Linux Lite 1.0.6???


Thanks....I kind of wondered if that was the case. I have seen DL be a lot more finicky for burning as well. It really is rare that I have needed to burn a DL disk anyway. So, I guess on those really RARE occasions, I will have to resort to the "other" OS for that function.....

Thanks for the input.

Dual layer on linux isn't covered very well. It's not something I've seen widely discussed. What I have read so far is that it seems to be very hit and miss compared to other hardware.

Thanks....I loaded Nero Linux and gave it a try. However, I keep getting an error that the NEW disk I insert already has data on it.....and do I want Nero to erase it. At first I clicked no with no effect. Then I tried yes, in which Nero said it could not erase the disk. It is almost like Nero thinks it is a RW type disk, but it really isn't.....maybe it is IDing the wrong disk type.

Try Nero for Linux - http://www.noobslab.com/2012/12/nero-cd-burner-for-ubuntu.html

OK....I have a LG GSA-H55N DVD writer in my computer and have been trying to get it to recognize burning to a dual layer DVD. Specs on the drive say it should support the  DVD+Rdl disks.....yet whenever I insert a disc, it never shows the disc as ready to burn. Have tried 3 different programs.....K3b, XFBurn, and Brasero....and a few disks.

Is there something I am missing that does not allow dual layer burning? I am trying to make backup copies of a couple disks that are over the normal single layer size.....so could use some help. Thanks.


Update....just tried loading one of the DL discs into another Windows 7 machine with an LG GSA-H55L drive and it picked right up with full capacity. So, it does not appear to be an issue with the discs or the drives.....


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