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Dual Layer DVD Burning in Linux Lite 1.0.6???


OK....I have a LG GSA-H55N DVD writer in my computer and have been trying to get it to recognize burning to a dual layer DVD. Specs on the drive say it should support the  DVD+Rdl disks.....yet whenever I insert a disc, it never shows the disc as ready to burn. Have tried 3 different programs.....K3b, XFBurn, and Brasero....and a few disks.

Is there something I am missing that does not allow dual layer burning? I am trying to make backup copies of a couple disks that are over the normal single layer size.....so could use some help. Thanks.


Update....just tried loading one of the DL discs into another Windows 7 machine with an LG GSA-H55L drive and it picked right up with full capacity. So, it does not appear to be an issue with the discs or the drives.....

Try Nero for Linux - http://www.noobslab.com/2012/12/nero-cd-burner-for-ubuntu.html

Thanks....I loaded Nero Linux and gave it a try. However, I keep getting an error that the NEW disk I insert already has data on it.....and do I want Nero to erase it. At first I clicked no with no effect. Then I tried yes, in which Nero said it could not erase the disk. It is almost like Nero thinks it is a RW type disk, but it really isn't.....maybe it is IDing the wrong disk type.

Dual layer on linux isn't covered very well. It's not something I've seen widely discussed. What I have read so far is that it seems to be very hit and miss compared to other hardware.

Thanks....I kind of wondered if that was the case. I have seen DL be a lot more finicky for burning as well. It really is rare that I have needed to burn a DL disk anyway. So, I guess on those really RARE occasions, I will have to resort to the "other" OS for that function.....

Thanks for the input.


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