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Dual booting windows 7 with LL2 (sda) with a shared DATA partition (on sdb)



Very sorry.  Was not able to do much in forum for about a week, during which time you made this post and I completely missed it.  Have since seen your newer post here and am responding on that thread now.  Don't bother adding anything more here.  For future reference, it would be best to not direct forum questions to one person in particular.  You can never tell who will be available for answers and others who might have been able to help may have stayed away because the question was directed only to me.

Hi gold_finger.
Previously you gave me very clear & helpful guidance on how to create a shared DATA partition with two or more distros, including LL2, and then finally binding this partition to the Documents, Downloads, Videos etc. in 'home' in each distro. This is working very well.

I now want to share a DATA partition (on sdb with swap partition), but this time shared between windows 7 and LL2 (both OSes on sda). Like you, I don't have separate /home partitions.  Though I can bind LL2.0 without any problem, I'm unsure how to bind Win 7.  Do I bind Win 7, while logged in to LL2, as I did for the LL2 binding, or do I bind Win 7 while logged in Win 7.

Many thanks for your advice.


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