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Choppy video-sound

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Thank you but I settled for Lubuntu, apparently it's the only user friendly distro capable of supporting that Acer junk.

Anyway, Linux Lite is a very good Distro, I'll definetely keep an eye on the development.

If I may suggest something to try, it worked on my slow system:

Open VLC
Click on 'Media'
Click on "open Network Stream"
Paste the You-tube address
Press play

Hope it helps


Understood, thamks for you help.

Since that makes the machine unusable (the user really wants to see videos), could you suggest me a distro which could run better on such bad hardware to allow smooth video play?

I already tried lubuntu and it worked fine, except that wifi was totally broken.

Then you are limited by your hardware, sorry.

That command opened a "notepad like" window. I pasted that stuff, saved and rebooted.

Nothing changed.


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