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battery problems Dell not charging/ disabled

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--- Quote from: TheDead on February 22, 2021, 09:52:11 AM ---Strangely enough, I had to change 4 batteries from DELL system last week about the same age...
The batteries in all of them was dead, but also they all were "bloated". (i.e. they were suppused to be flat/slim but looked like they ate chips and chocolates for the lest year ;) )
Kidding aside, this made the laptop split open near the battery compartement and I'm pretty sure it could be a fire hazard.
So, check if you have any "deformation" of your laptop. Is so, remove the battery A.S.A.P.. Replace with an genuine one, not a "compatible/refurbished" from ebay.


--- End quote ---
No suh issue here, but thanks for the warning.


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