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AppleTouch on Early 2006 MacBook Pro and Lite 3.8: Customize tap zones?


Hi everyone,

I've installed Lite 3.8 (32-bit) on my Early 2006 MacBook Pro (CPU is CoreDuo, hence the 32-bit install), and I'd like to customize my touchpad (AppleTouch), like I did in OS X thanks to a gem of an app (not free, but worth every penny) called SideTrack, that lets me do one-finger scrolling (ditto Lite, out of the box, thank you guys!), but also lets me decide what happens when I tap in each corner of the touchpad.

For example, in OS X Snow Leopard (I dual-boot the two OSes), tapping in the upper left corner performs a middle-click, tapping in the bottom left goes one page back in my Web browser, when tapping in the bottom right goes one page forward, and tapping in the upper right corner performs a right-click (you can do that in Lite too in the bottom right corner, another one for the good guys, because two-finger right-click is a royal pain in the rear, you ask me).

So, to end your suffering at reading this post, is there a way, via a setting or third-party, to do in Lite what I can do in OS X with my touchpad/AppleTouch?


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