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3.8 Linux lite 32 Bits Shutdown error



I installed this Linux version like year ago, and evrything was working fine.

Since last month, it takes several attempts to turn the computer on, It just start, loading and suddenly shutdown.

After some times 2 attempts, other 10 , it is working fine, all day if needed, So I do not know what happens, check the video please.

Do you have some idea / advice?

I have an almost similar issue on my 2006 MacBook Pro running 3.8 (32-bit): On first boot, I'll go to grub (10 second timeout), then the screen will go black, then nothing, or the Mac will reboot.

Second attempt, the timeout in grub will show 30 seconds, and THEN the Mac will boot Lite all the way through.

I think the graphics driver is crashing on first boot, for some reason, and loads OK the second time, but I could be wrong.


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