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Worth the upgrade to 5.4?


Swamp Rat:
I switched from Lubuntu to Linux Lite 5.2 about 6 months ago and, barring one minor hiccup, it has been working perfectly for me. I read here about the improvements and additions in 5.4, but none of them seem important to me. Since all is well with my 5.2, is there any real reason to upgrade to 5.4?

And, am I correct in thinking that all the updates that I have done since starting with LL 5.2 still has me on 5.2, NOT 5.4?

@Swamp Rat
you are correct you are still on LL5.2 - Running Lite Upgrade will upgrade you within a series.

Typically those features added with in a series are a bit minor to the overall OS (not that they are not great) where those major updates are typically for the next release....
I've never had an issue moving along within a series on a system. LL is great for keeping it smooth safe and reliable. If you are hesitant, waiting a month or so for those of riding the wave ;) should bring to light anything minor....

Also, if you make a TimeShift back up and things don't go as expected you can restore back to that state...

The Repairman:

I'm using LL 5.0 version on one of my old Frankenstein computers and I'm using LL 5.4 version on my other Frankenstein computer and both computers are running excellent.

No reason to do an upgrade if your current LL 5.2 version is working although this is my opinion only.

Swamp Rat:
Thank you, @firenice03 and @The Repairman, for your answers and advice. I guess i'll continue to "dance with the one I brung."

I expect my next upgrade will eventually happen, but, if it ain't broike, don't fix it, seems to apply here. It's nice having an OS that is stable, easy to customize, and very reliable. Glad I found Linux Lite.


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