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ubuntu logs everything you type?!

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Hi Asa. I'm pretty sure this does not apply to LL. Here's a little information from the website:

--- Quote ---Note: This privacy problem only affects Unity. If you use GNOME (sudo apt-get install gnome-shell) or any other desktop environment, or if you run an Ubuntu derivative like Linux Mint, Xubuntu, Kubuntu, etc., you won't have this problem.
--- End quote ---

i found this site which claims that by default ubuntu logs all application and file searches and sends it to third parties. this is concerning to me because i left xp thinking i would find more security with linux and this seems over the top even for windows. the website has a command you can run in terminal to fix this problem.

does anyone know if this applys to linux lite and if it can also be stopped by running their command?  ???

i find this kind of troubleing because it kind of took the idea away from me that this is a more secure and private os than xp and to me this just sounds completely like something facebook or google would build into their systems...

please help, i'm affraid to run the command because this operating systen is not identical to ubutu and would like this and any other spyware stopped. i was under the oppression that built in spyware was kind of what linux was not about in general, are their other 'features'  like this that they do not share with their users? or is this the catch of having free open source software?  :-\  :'(


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