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Tips for Minimizing Memory USe


Alan C:
With help from user WytWun (thanks again!) I've got LL 5.8 running on my 2016 2 GB RAM Ideapad. I really like it It's not a big deal, but I'm curious if you have tips for lowering memory use so programs open faster. I can look in TaskManager, but I'm not sure what some of the running processes do, so I hesitate to disable them. I'm not doing much with the laptop beyond office apps, web work, and lightweight apps (hello vim!). I'm not printing, using bluetooth, or anything external to the machine other than wifi.


Mountain Giant:
In Lite tweaks you have option to release ram, maybe sometimes use that?

Some services you might disable are:
1. ModemManager.service (unless you use a dial-up connection).
2. If you don't print files over the network, you can disable cups.service and cups-browsed.service.
3. If you don't use snaps, you can disable that one as well as related services. snapd.service, snapd.apparmor.service.

You can disable those by launching the terminal and running:

--- Code: ---sudo systemctl stop name.service
--- End code ---
--- Code: ---sudo systemctl disable name.service
--- End code ---
The first command stops the service if it's running, and the second one disables it from running at boot. Also, if possible, try upgrading storage to a SSD, this will improve startup time and responsiveness for apps hugely.

Hope this helps! :)

Alan C:
Thank you both. I used Lite Tweaks to free memory and also the Firefox cache. And I disabled ModemManager and cups. I wasn't running any snap services, so I didn't disable them.


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