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Support & Documentation in French?


Thanks Valtam for your speedy reply.

I think I will install LinuxLite for him anyway - the fact that you are Ubuntu/Debian based means that there is a lot of French information available. His wife is fluent in English, and although I am far from fluent we should be able to resolve most issues.

If my French was better I would be happy to get involved; but if you have any other Frenchies asking for help you can always refer them to me.

Thanks again.

Not at the moment Frank, that would require someone to volunteer that service.

I use LinuxLite on 2 systems and love it!

I am helping a French friend to move from Windows, and I would like to be able to point him to any and all support and documentation in French.

I know of "", and I know that Linux Mint is headed by a Frenchman and has pretty good support, but I wondered if there is any LinuxLite specific help available for French speakers?

All help gratefully accepted!


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