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Suggestion needed on VNC Server issue

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Started a new job as IT Director. About half the workstations are Windows XP and only access a web application and use Libre Office. They use CutePDF to print things as PDF files occasionally. These workstations are at remote sites and currently have TightVNC Server on them. That is how we offer remote assistance for issues. I want to replace these XP workstations with Linux Lite. The only thing I don't have is a replacement for the VNC server.

Will Vino work with Linux Lite?
Will this work?
Or does anyone have a good or better suggestion?


Hi Gra_ulv. Give this a try.

Navigate to Menu > System > Install Additional Software

Look for this entry:
[14] Install Remote Desktop Software - Installs the Remmina Remote Desktop Client for Windows (RDP) and VNC Servers

You can also find information about installing software in the LL Manual here:


--- Quote from: gra_ulv on June 27, 2014, 05:55:36 PM --- don't have is a replacement for the VNC server.

--- End quote ---

That installs a desktop client. I need the server side (VNC Server) not client side (Viewer). I need to be able to connect to these machines from my office. That is why I mentioned Vino. It is used in Gnome to allow other users to view or control your desktop.

Here is an example from an older Linux Mint distro.

Vino is in Synaptic as an Ubuntu supported package so my guess is that it would work. Have no way to test it or I would. Hopefully someone else will add to this thread that has personal Linux Lite VNC server experience.

I think I have my solution. I'll test it when I get to work Monday.

I'm going to use x11vnc and have it start the vnc server automatically before the login screen. As shown here with a password file.

Scott thank you for your responses. They are appreciated. I'll post how it goes.


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