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Some questions for Virtual Box users


I do not use VB and I am curious as to how difficult it may be to use SSH to display a running Vbox system remotely, and to configure SFTP between its host and the remote system it is displayed on. With gnome boxes I can display a running OS in gnome boxes remotely using SSH X11 forwarding and SFTP to both the host and the remote system it is displayed on from the OS running in gnome boxes and use remmina and/or Thunar bookmarks. File transfer is a breeze, and the whole thing is easy to set up and gives me SFTP between all three systems. Is SSH easily configurable for such a setup in Vbox? With gnome boxes it's a breeze.

My setup is a Debian 10.9 host with gnome boxes, spice tools, and open SSH client and server ( I can SSH both directions) installed. In boxes I run either Linux Lite 5.x or Bunsen Labs. From my permanent LL 5.x desktop with open SSH client and server installed I can SSH X11 forward gnome boxes to my desktop display there and move files back and forth between the two allowing me to experiment with the virtualized LL 5.x system without harming my permanent installation of Linux Lite, all the while using the CPU power and RAM of my host system and being able to transfer files back and forth from my host as well. This is quite a convenience. I just wonder how difficult this would be to achieve with Vbox?



I use VBox heavily..
With many systems running in mine thou not all at once.

I have Windows Servers; Ubuntu and derivatives (LL too) RHEL/CentOS and OVA's....
*This bigger VB host does run on Windows (my last).. But I do run VB on Linux too, usually smaller instances....

With this bigger; I don't have them connect to the internet, but they all are on a 10.x.x.x network and can see one another and participate in some fashion to the AD network I have...

For the Guests; most Linux server OS have SSH installed, else I install... From my host (192.168.x.x) I can SSH (putty/powershell) to them directly. I'll SCP from time to time... BUT if you install the VB Addons... You can set up shared folders from host to guests and can it have auto mount. This works nicely when sharing to masses. I assume SFTP should work in the same fashion...

I haven't done X11 forwarding as the console isn't terrible and I use the CLI most often. VB (via additions) can enable drag and drop between host/guest though I haven't tried in a GUI/GUI...

VB is pretty robust for a free Hypervisor :)

I use VirtualBox(for a Windows VM only, for Linux distros I use QEMU), but have never used the feature you mention, however, the manual has some info you might find helpful.

Thanks for the replies. I've used qemu since forever, which gnome-boxes uses as well. I undertook to begin following gnome-boxes development since LL 3.x because I thought the simplicity of the application was suited for new users desiring to run VMs. I have worked for a long time with bigger Windows Active Directory networks though not on my personal systems. At home I currently use WSL2 quite a bit now running Debian 10, not just as a Windows gadget, along with SSH which is much improved in Windows, though I really need a newer Windows box. Now that you can compile a WSL kernel from source it would be cool to have a Linux Lite iteration for WSL2. Ultimately the thing that always interests me is simplicity for new users and I think the combination of gnome-boxes and SSH hits that mark for a new user first experience with virtualization. I'm probably prejudiced a little too, as SSH has always been my favorite Nix application, and networking was actually what got me interested in and started with Linux years and years ago.

Stable, ease of use, simple intuitive interface, avoid the CLI, pretty much ideal for Windows refugees and mouse chasers. 



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