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replace xscreensaver with light locker?


I can confirm this works and the keyboard shortcut is already there.

The shortcut is:
Super + L

The super key is the Windows logo key.


Menu > Settings > Keyboard > Applications Shortcuts Tab

In the command column look for

In the shortcut column

This is where you can make new shortcuts or change existing shortcuts.

I installed Xubuntu 14.04 and LL 2.0 around the same time a few weeks ago on my desktop PC. In Xubuntu I immediately ran into problems with two components which felt like they were beta versions, full of bugs, not ready for the official release:

- LightLocker screensaver
- MenuLibre applications menu

Who knows, maybe they just don't work properly on my system, but I would suggest to exercise extra caution before replacing any of them in LL.

xflock4 is the command, you could make a shortcut for it on your taskbar or Menu.

Hi all,

I found LL rock solid stable and faster than xubuntu where I did have a few problems (but not too bad at all). Xubuntu has light locker which locks my screen after I leave my laptop idle. It also shuts off the display. On the other hand LL does not lock screen. Also no matter how long the laptop is on, the screen is ON. It's blank but ON and it does not lock the screen. I think thats a major flaw in my opinion. I don't really care too much about how xscreensaver looks, but I think light locker does the job. I did google:"replace xscreensaver with light locker", but got nothing. Are there safe and tested steps to do this?



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