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Torreydale  - i was using your post as an example, not as a criticism. I think I didn't offend, sorry if i did.
Your comment on the support offered here, seconded by me. It's played an important part in my decision to switch to LL (along with LL actually doing what i want it too without requiring too much mental adjustment - oh yes, i got rid of my last Windows OS today.  :'()
 Final comment on posting in the right place & why I try to, it gives me the biggest chance of getting to the right audience. My thanks to all those who give a fig.

@pingball57 ,

I think I started my Dark Display thread to see if I was the only one experiencing it.  We are fortunate to have several very active forum users log in, look at the unread postings since last visit, and their first instinct is to help.  So if it's help you're looking for, the folks here are inclined to offer it, regardless of how you got your request online. 

Perhaps this isn't always the tidiest forum, but it is the most active and helpful one I belong to.  I'm glad you cared enough to ask where you should be posting.  It is my role as a moderator to help with keeping things in order.  I'll be more mindful of that going forward.  But this is a support forum first.  So as long as you're getting the support you need, that makes me happy. 

@trinidad great suggestion. I've renamed the Board 'Artwork' to 'Customization' and put in a new Section called Desktop Customization. Please remember our target audience, keep it simple, plain speak with easy to follow examples. Watching with interest. Mod away :)

Thanks. Gold finger & Jerry have got me straight, I think : if i have a question about any aspect of using, installing or fixing anything LL then it's Support. This leaves me with Vera; what's a Discussion? Answers to my questions in Support so far often look like discussions, conversely (as an eg.) torreydale's post 'Dark display' in On Topic looks just like a support Question to me. That said the discussion here on this subject has been helpful, and I probably am trying to over-think this. ::)


--- Quote from: torreydale on October 03, 2017, 09:09:59 PM ---Didn't know that you could use VLC for that.  It is good to use the programs that are already native to Linux Lite.

--- End quote ---

Hello @torreydale ,

yes you can rip the cd, convert the format, as single files using standard VLC settings, or use a Lua script add on for batch rips. (I have only done single rips myself using VLC).
Also you can use VLC standard setting to make custom conversions, make and save your own templates to do tasks suited for your needs, so as to reuse those templates in the future without having to make it again, example I done previously a template that rips the audio out of the flash video, encodes it to an mp3 audio and saves the mp3 file to a specified folder/directory, I only used the point/click templates settings in VLC, no add-ons.

You are right it is good to use the programs native to Linux Lite.


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