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Didn't know that you could use VLC for that.  It is good to use the programs that are already native to Linux Lite.

Hello @pingball57

you can also rip a cd using VLC player.


Don't overthink it.  Make your best effort.  I would say your question should go in the On Topic or Software Support sections.  But to answer your question, consider installing Asunder as a CD ripping utility.  You can install it using Menu, System, Install/Remove Software.

Hi. I'm new to LinuxLite & not that familiar with a forum like this one. You're asking that folk post things in the correct section. My problem is in not knowing what is considered a Support question or not. Can you give me some sort of definition and/or examples of how to tell the dif? For instance I'm here now trying to find out how to rip a CD, because the terms here are so short using the search is proving useless, so I want post it as a question, but I don't know if it is considered a Support relate issue or not. Some clarification on this might help others hit the right section too?

Folks, we are getting a lot of people posting Support requests in the wrong section of the Forums. This is creating a lot of unnecessary work for the Moderators and encouraging bad habits. We can no longer be expected to move Topics when they are in the wrong section, unless they are already in a Support section, but under the wrong sub forum. From now on Support requests that are not posted in the correct Support section in the Forums will be locked, eg. if you post a Support request in On Topic or Introductions, the thread will be locked. I know this will be perceived by some as a tough measure, but one cannot expect the Mods to be enthusiastic about their role when this continues.

Correct Forum sections to post in for Support.

Software Support:

Hardware Support:


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