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Thanks everyone. I have restored all lost entries, I'm just not sure about the command to start Gparted. I guess it should be:

--- Code: ---gksudo gparted
--- End code ---

To sum this up:

1) The easiest option is to leave all unused entries intact and just use the check mark to turn them on/off.

2) If you really insist on deleting an unused entry in some categories and you want to have it shown in other categories, then back up the command to a text file before deleting, and then paste it back after re-creating the entry in another category. This way you will have some really neat menus. At this point, all re-created entries will have the same generic icon. Getting the original icon back would require some extra work.

Hi Kirkx

I just create browser bookmarks. This method won't restore the help icon in the menu but all the menu icon does is open the help manual in the browser, same thing, more or less.

Bookmark #1
This will open the LL Manual locally

Bookmark #2
This will open the LL Manual from the web

I'm guessing you just want to tidy the Menu up a bit but to be honest leaving unused entries that are not ticked do no harm to your system, best to just leave them there. The command for the Help Manual is xdg-open /usr/share/doc/litemanual/index.html

I think I know how I lost those Help icons. It seem that if you delete an entry from one category it is automatically deleted from all other categories as well. I'm not sure if this happens all the time or sporadically, and if it's a bug or an intended action. Now I lost all Bulk Rename entries. There was one in Accessories and another one in Settings, I deleted the one in Accessories and the one in Settings disappeared too.

At least Alacarte main menu works ok most of the time. It's way better than MenuLibre included with Xubuntu 14.04, which seems to be just a beta release, full of bugs.

I'm re-arranging the Main Menu (Alt+F2 - alacarte) and by mistake deleted all Help icons. I'm not sure if those icons are just links to the Help web page or to a file on the hard drive. If it's a file then I would appreciate if someone could post the command. Thanks.


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