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Linux Replacements for Windows Programs

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--- Quote from: bitsnpcs on September 05, 2014, 05:52:59 PM ---I just collected my second issue of Linux Format today, it states next months issue will have an article about the best Distro's of 2014.

--- End quote ---

I hope we make the cut :)


Internet cli application/browser

--- Code: ---$ apt-cache policy uzbl
  Installed: 0.0.0~git.20120514-1.1
  Candidate: 0.0.0~git.20120514-1.1
  Version table:
 *** 0.0.0~git.20120514-1.1 0
        500 trusty/universe i386 Packages
        100 /var/lib/dpkg/status

--- End code ---
Flash and java work with no special tweaks. My favorite terminal based browser.

Radio streaming in terminal

--- Code: ---$ apt-cache policy moc
  Installed: 1:2.5.0~beta1+svn20131120-1
  Candidate: 1:2.5.0~beta1+svn20131120-1
  Version table:
 *** 1:2.5.0~beta1+svn20131120-1 0
        500 trusty/universe i386 Packages
        100 /var/lib/dpkg/status

--- End code ---

also a favorite of mine. Another is

--- Code: --- apt-cache policy cmus
  Installed: (none)
  Candidate: 2.5.0-4build1
  Version table:
     2.5.0-4build1 0
        500 trusty/universe i386 Packages

--- End code ---

A good file manager I also like is

--- Code: ---harry@harry-Latitude-XT2:~$ apt-cache policy spacefm
  Installed: 0.9.4-1
  Candidate: 0.9.4-1
  Version table:
     0.9.4-1 0
        500 trusty/universe i386 Packages

--- End code ---

I know spacefm is not maintained anymore by ignorant guru but there are some killer plugins for burning isos and other things in it. Plus it is a double paned file manager. It does not take up much space and can run alongside Thunar.

Depends on ones tastes I guess.

Thank you Valtam for stickying it and changing the title, also for your help  :)
The most thanks though for making an awesome Linux distro. I just collected my second issue of Linux Format today, it states next months issue will have an article about the best Distro's of 2014.

Thank you bitsnpcs, an excellent resource. Also added a more accurate Title for the thread. Stickied :)

Office Suites & Applications

Windows Application       Linux AlternativesMicrosoft Office (suite)       LibreOffice,, KOffice, siag office, Calligra,              WPS Office, EuroOffice2 , OnlyOfficeMicrosoft Word       LibreOffice Writer1, OOWriter, AbiWord, KWordMicrosoft Excel       LibreOffice Calc1, OOCalc, KSpread, GnumericMicrosoft Access, dBase        LibreOffice Base1, OOBase, KexiMicrosoft Powerpoint       LibreOffice Impress1, OOImpress, KPresenter, ImpressiveMicrosoft Project       OpenProj, Planner, Gantt, MOOS Project ViewerMicrosoft Publisher, Quark       ScribusMicrosoft Visio       gliffy, Kivio, LibreOffice Draw1, OODraw, DIA,              yEd Graph EditorNotepad, Wordpad        gedit, Kate, KWrite, Geany, XPad, notepadqq, Leafpad,                Sublime text, Nedit, Atom Business Card Designer Pro       gLabelsAdobe Acrobat viewer       Evince, Xpdf, Okular, Master PDF EditorAdobe Acrobat Distiller       CUPS-PDF, LibreOffice, OpenOffice.orgAdobe Acrobat PDF editor       pdfedit, pdftk, pdfjamMicrosoft Money, Quicken       GnuCash, KMyMoney, grisbi, HomebankMicrosoft FrontPage, Dreamweaver       BlueGriffon, KompoZer, Amaya, BluefishAutodesk AutoCAD       Bricscad, FreeCADEvernote       Everpad, RedNotebook, NixNote, Springseed, Cherrytree,              TagSpacesMealmaster       Gourmet Recipe ManagerClipboardFusion       Clipman

Internet Applications

Windows Application       Linux AlternativesInternet Explorer       Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Konqueror, MidorivideoGET       MinitubeMicrosoft Outlook       Thunderbird, Kontact, Zimbra Desktop, EvolutionMSN Messenger       Pidgin, aMSN, Kopete, Emesene, Gabber, PsiMicrosoft Netmeeting       EkigaeMule       aMuleuTorrent, Azureus       Transmission, Ktorrent, Vuze, Deluge, qBittorrent, uGetSkype (VoIP)       Skype, Ekiga, Jitsi, Google HangoutsCuteFTP, WS FTP       FileZilla, KFTPgrabber, FireFTPmIRC       Xchat, Pidgin, KonversationUltraVNC, Remote Desktop       rdesktop, NX, TightVNC, x11vnc, SSH, Synergy, Vinagre, RemminaForte Agent       Pan
Multimedia Applications

Windows Application       Linux AlternativesAdobe Photoshop       GIMP, GIMPshop, KritaAdobe Photoshop Elements       F-Spot, KPhotoAlbum, gThumb, Gwenview, digiKamCorel Draw, Adobe Illustrator       Inkscape, Xara XtremeMicrosoft Paint       Tux Paint, KolourPaintLightroom, Adobe Camera RAW       RawTherapee, darktable, LightZone, Aftershot Pro, UFRawWindows Live Photo Gallery       4K Slideshow MakerACDSee, Irfanview        XnView, Mirage, gThumb, GQview, Gwenview, Ristretto               nomacs3D Studio MAX, Maya       Blender, K-3D, Softimage, MayaWindows Movie Maker, Adobe Premiere       Kdenlive, Cinellera, Kino, LiVES, AviDemux, PiTiVi                 OpenShotTMPGEnc DVD Author, ConvertXtoDVD       DeVeDe, Bombono, Handbrake, 'Q' DVD Author Videora, DVD Maker       Thin Liquid Film, DVDStylerWindows Media Player       VLC, Totem, Kaffeine, xine, MPlayer, QMPlay2                Rhythmbox, ClementineWinamp, iTunes       Rhythmbox, Amarok, Banshee, Audacious, aTunes, QmmpCubase, CoolEdit, Cakewalk       Ardour, Audacity, Beast, GNUsound, RosegardenNoteWorthy Composer       MuseScore, LilyPondGuitar Pro       TuxGuitar, MuseScoreMP3Tag       EasyTAG, Puddletag
CD/DVD Recording

Windows Application       Linux AlternativesNero Burning ROM, Alcohol 120%       Brasero, K3b, X-CD-Roast, XfburnUltraISO, PowerISO       ISO Master, AcetoneISO, CDemuDaemon Tools       CDemu
Server & Networking Applications

Windows Application       Linux AlternativesMicrosoft IIS       Apache, lighttpd, Zope, thttpd, Yaws, nginxServ-U FTP Server, Filezilla FTP Server       vsftpd, Pure-FTPd, ProFTPDFile/Printer Sharing       SambaMicrosoft Exchange       Zimbra, Open-Xchange, CitadelMicrosoft Sharepoint       KnowledgeTree, Open-XchangeSmall Business Server       ClearOS, Zentyal, SME ServerNetLimiter       L7-filter, MasterShaper, trickle, Bandwidth ArbitratorPA Server Monitor       ZenOSS, Nagios, Zabbix, NcidInssider       LinSSIDNorton AntiVirus, McAfee       ClamAV, Avira, AVG, AvastZoneAlarm, Sygate Firewall       Firestarter, FireHOL, Guarddog, Gufw, KMyFirewall

Windows Application       Linux AlternativesNorton Partition Magic       Gparted, Qtparted, Parted MagicNorton Ghost       Clonezilla, Partimage, g4u, dd, Redo Backup, qt4-fsarchiver                          TimeShiftWinzip, WinRAR, 7-zip       File Roller, Ark, Karchiver, 7-Zip, Xarchiver, B1 ArchiverCapsa Network Analyzer       Wireshark, EtherealBitvise Tunnelier       Gnome SSH Tunnel Manager, HotSSHFreeFile Sync       FreeFile Sync, rsync, rsnapshot, duplicity, ZBackup, Back In TimeDragon Naturally Speaking       Simon
Source: Linux in the UK

Changes to Source List by Linux Lite Community

Reference (Section Added) -
1 Components of the LibreOffice Suite. (thanks to ohjrson).
Merging of listings.
2 Contains proprietary components. (thanks to avj).

Programs Added -
01/ qBittorrent alternative to uTorrent.
02/ QMPlay2 alternative to wmp (thanks to misko_2083).
03/ LinSSID alternative to Inssider (thanks to N4RPS). Thanks especially to the   
       author/maintainer for his individual help to me.
04/ Redo Backup alternative to Norton Ghost (thanks to rokytnji).
05/ qt4-fsarchiver alternative to Norton Ghost (thanks to rokytnji).
06/ Calligra alternative to Office (thanks to misko_2083).
07/ Midori alternative to IE (thanks to misko_2083).
08/ Minitube alternative to videoGET (thanks to misko_2083).
09/ Nomacs alternative to Irfanview (thanks to misko_2083).
10/ DIA alternative to Visio (thanks to Wirezfree).
11/ FreeFile Sync/FreeFile Sync (thanks to Wirezfree).
12/ Simon alternative to Dragon Naturally Speaking (thanks to Wirezfree).
13/ Pan alternative to Forte Agent.
14/ EasyTAG alternative to MP3Tag.
15/ Puddletag alternative to MP3Tag (thanks to riser).
16/ Geany alternative to Notepad & Wordpad (thanks to riser).
17/ Handbrake alternative to ConvertXtoDVD (thanks to riser).
18/ Xfburn alternative to Nero burning ROM (thanks to gold_finger).
19/ gLabels alternative to Business Card Designer Pro.
20/ FreeCAD alternative to Autodesk AutoCAD (thanks to riser).
21/ Everpad alternative to Evernote (thanks to altman).
22/ XPad alternative to Notepad (thanks to altman).
23/ Ristretto alternative to ACDSee (thanks to riser).
24/ PiTiVi alternative to Windows Movie Maker (thanks to riser).
25/ 7-Zip alternative to WinZip (thanks to riser).
26/ TimeShift alternative to Norton Ghost (thanks to riser).
27/ rsync, rsnapshot, duplicity, zbackup, BackInTime alternatives to FreeFileSynch (thanks to 
28/ notepadqq alternative to notepad/wordpad (thanks to altman).
29/ Gourmet Recipe Manager alternative to Mealmaster (thanks to gold_finger).
30/ Jitsi, Google Hangouts alternatives to Skype (thanks to riser).
31/ Sublime Text, LeafPad alternatives to Notepad (thanks to riser).
32/ Vinagre alternative to Remote Desktop (thanks to riser).
33/ OpenShot alternative to Windows Movie Maker (thanks to riser).
34/ Rhythmbox alternative to Windows Media Player (thanks to riser).
35/ Xarchiver alternative to WinZip (thanks to riser).
36/ Cherrytree alternative to Evernote (thanks to ukbrian).
37/ BlueGriffon alternative to Dreamweaver (thanks to N4RPS).
38/ MuseScore alternative to Guitar Pro (thanks to altman).
39/ uGet alternative to uTorrent (thanks to altman).
40/ yEd Graph Editor alternative to Microsoft Visio (thanks to LL-user). 
41/ nedit, Atom alternatives to Notepad, Wordpad (thanks to LL-user).
42/ Master PDF Editor alternative to Adobe Acrobat (thanks to LL-user).
43/ nginx alternative to Microsoft IIS (thanks to LL-user).
44/ WPS Office alternative to MS Office (thanks to altman).
45/ Impressive alternative to MS Powerpoint (thanks to altman).
46/ TagSpaces alternative to Evernote (thanks to altman).
47/ EuroOffice alternative to MS Office (thanks to altman).
49/ Clementine alternative to WMP (thanks to br1anstorm).
50/ NCID alternative to PA Server monitor (thanks to kstuart).
51/ Clipman alternative to ClipboardFusion (thanks to kstuart).
52/ Remmina alternative to UltraVNC (thanks to pedrito).
53/ Qmmp alternative to Winamp (thanks to NN).
54/ B1 Archiver alternative to WinZip, WinRar, et al. (thanks to NN).
55/ DVDStyler alternative to Windows DVD Maker (thanks to NN).
56/ 4k Slideshow Maker alternative to Windows Live Photo Gallery (thanks to NN).
57/ OnlyOffice alternative to Microsoft Office (thanks to NN).
58/ Rawtherapee, Darktable, Lightzone, Aftershot Pro, UFRaw alternatives to
      Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw (thanks to robinc).

Removed -
1/ Ubuntu One from Source list as this is now closed.
2/ Strikethrough replaced with Superscript #1 for clarity ( thanks to ohjrson).
3/ merging suggestions (thanks to riser).

Altered Links -
1/ Mirage, changed to Sourceforge link.
2/ trickle, changed to wiki.
3/ dd, changed to wiki.
4/ ClamAV, changed to correct url.

Please add your GUI alternatives, what they are an alternative to, and their link in replies, and I'll add them into the list.


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