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Linux Lite Series 3.x End of Life 1st April 2021


End of 32 bits... wow... I can remember the Genesis/Megadrive ad mentionning its 16-bits power with "blast-processing".Then the PS1 came out... with 32-bits and 3D... woah, radical! ;)

Thank you for the end of life series information @Jerry

I use LL3.x on my LL desktop, it has no ethernet cable connected, it has no bluetooth or wifi.
I like LL3.x as it was before the terminal was changed, to the one using different commands to the books I was learning from.
It was also difficult to install Linux to that desktop, not only LL I tried others and also failed to install, until the members found a workaround and LL was the only Linux that was able to run on it at that time, and it ran very well on it indeed.
I may upgrade series at some stage in future.

LL 3.x was a great series! I have on my mini netbook - 3.x gave it extended use, where XP ran and an attempt with Win7 had it marked for the bin...

Although she still runs, I find myself on my other (newer) LL systems - having both LL4.x and 5.x running on different systems I'm ready to retire the mini in favor of 64-bit and the LL series to come!

Thou I may keep the mini on the shelf for nostalgia....

Linux Lite Series 3.x including the following releases - 3.0 3.2 3.4 3.6 and 3.8 as of April 1st 2021, will no longer be supported in any way.

That means no updates, no bug fixes for Linux Lite created software, no patches, no new software.

This also marks the end of 32bit Kernel builds.

If you are currently running a release from Series 3.x you have 2 choices. Run it without a network connection (turn your pc off when you are not infront of it), move to a higher Series (highly recommended). Anyone with physical access to your pc running Series 3.x can take advantage of ongoing unfixed bugs and security holes. Make sure your password is unhackable (18+ characters, upper, lower case, alphanumeric).

Make the sensible choice, move on to a higher Series before 1st April 2021.

If you are unsure if your hardware will run on Series 4.x or 5.x check your if hardware is listed here first -


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