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Linux Lite saved my skin (again)


I've been working with two different concurrent Operating Systems (Win8 and LL) for years now. Win8 was there for historic reasons.

I've tried MX-Linux in virtual machines and I wanted to make the full transition, as I understand that it doesn't use systemd.

What a disaster. The installer gave me an error that it couldn't install GRUB and, worse, left my system unable to boot.

Fortunately, I already had a bootable LL 5 USB, and installed from that. It gave me a message that a funny additional partition was required (which was easy to do) and everything then worked first time. So that's full marks and thanks to Jerry!

PS: MX-Linux has been top of the Distrowatch download charts for months, as people try to escape systemd. I can't help thinking that if LL were to remove it then LL would instantly become the most popular linux OS.


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