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Daniel Hooker:
Is there a public ppa where I can access packages and XFCE mods used in Linux Lite? Overall I like Linux Lite, and some of the extensions available(such as the customized Whisker menu), but due to the Kernel being update so rarely I've decided not to go with it. Is there any way to use some of the extensions in Linux Lite on other Linux Distros? It appears they are only available through the Linux Lite PPA, and attempting to add that PPA on another Linux virtual machine it returned an error saying the public key was unavailable.

We don't have a PPA. Our apps are written for Linux Lite. If you're a developer wanting to use our apps, check out our Gitlab. There's no support for using our apps on other Distros - naturally, but you can still add our key and repo. See our Download page for details. Kernel not updated regularly - a false assumption. We have from 3.13 through to 5.2. May pay for you to read through our entire website first, unfortunately most of your post makes assumptions without fact  :(

Vinicius Felix:
"E: Couldn't find source to get 5.0-0030-linuxlite from lite-themes:amd64"
I'm trying to upgrade my system and keep getting this errorr....
I saw all posts about updates and didn't help, I haven't removed any lite software.
I tested holding lite-themes with "apt-mark hold lite-themes" but didn't work
On my /etc/sources.list all repos are uncomented, even deb src ones.
I found this link "", if I add it to my sources.list will fix? If so, how to add it?

I'm using Linux Lite 5.4 - Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS

SOLVED: I changed the repo to us repo on Linux Source, and updated with apt.


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