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Thank you all for your wonderfully, generous support

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I donated a coffee a while back using PayPal, made me feel a bit better for getting such an awesome OS for free.  I would like to donate more and will in the near future.  I would think everyone could donate $5.00 every now and then and not break the budget.

Best regards,

Şerban S.:

--- Quote from: Jerry on August 18, 2021, 08:18:21 PM ---[...]Conclusion

Pay nothing or even 50c for Linux Lite and get arguably a more secure, more productive and able to work on modern machines OS solution, or pay $139 to MS for a less secure operating system that you can't make copies of and share with others.

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I went on the donation path. Romānia, is far from being a wadge (pension) heaven. Most people, barely get from one month to another. It takes a lot of money management skills to make it through.
I studied carefully all the options and I strongly belive that you covered all possibilities. From "zero to hero", it's all there.
As for the comparison with MS, I strongly belive the same: too much money for a low quality delivery, let alone the "EULA"...
I had my share of Win, about 17 years so, I know exactly what I say, from practice.

This is a simple math I made:

If anyone of LL users donate 0.5 euro (USD...) monthly, at an estimate of 100,000 users, that is... 50,000 euro. More than enough for a nice full-time job + expenses.
I know I'm a little bit utopic (or day-dreamer), but still...
So, I do my best to "walk the talk". ;)
This goes like in "for the price of a cheap coffee" (In Romānia, a cheap coffee, is 0.62 euro or 3 lei.). But as we can see, it gets the job done.
Again, I admit, I'm maybe too much of a dreamer...

Now... Getting a cold shower: this forum has some 1500 "fans". If they donate monthly 1 euro, there are still 1,500 euros. A little "behind the schedule", but still good.

Best regards! :)

Şerban S.:

--- Quote from: vint on February 10, 2022, 02:29:07 PM ---[...]Is the site secure enough is my question, if so I would like to donate.[...]
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I also donated. If you check the URL for the "https://" (SSL protocol) and you see a green lock beside it, then the site (any site) is secured. You can also check the credentials by clicking on the green lock (Validity of the Certificate, the date it was issued, the owner, encryption level, etc.)
As for "secure enough", how can you or anyone else tell that? If sites like Yahoo or Facebook have been hijacked, then we have an idea.

Anyway: After some 24 hours, if everything went right, you'll find your name on the donators list. This means the donation got where it should be.
Check the page:[/b]]

If anything went wrong, then check your transactions at your bank. International banking regulations, allow you to revert any transaction you suspect was forged, in a time frame of 30 days from the day the transaction was issued. So, if you are a little bit more cautios, you can still fix things.

Best regards! :)


--- Quote from: firenice03 on February 10, 2022, 02:49:10 PM [email protected]
As a donator... yes, the donations page -
Has various payment entities such as paypal...

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Thanks for the update as I haven't been to that page in a while


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