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  I personally love the idea.

  I am (sadly) one of those people who run an Ad-blocker. There are some sites that are so infested with Adware that one almost has to run something-and then I forget to Whitelist the sites I want to see Ad revenue...i've got to get better with that.

  I don't see any 'scary change' at all by adding a 'buy' option to your Downloads have always accepted donations, this is just a reminder that "Hey, you can make a one-time donation right now if you feel like it." It's actually kind of nice to be reminded rather than to Download, try out the OS for awhile and then remember 6 months down the line that you 'meant' to donate, make a note to do so and then forget again by the time you get home from work... (like I did on Fedora Core 2, Mepis,  Bonsai Linux....)  :imsorry

  Have you considered a Patreon setup where for $5 one-time payment you could provide services over and above the norm such as: Early Stable Releases 7-10 days in advance, Early release of new products (updated case badges, DVDs etc) likewise?  Those who don't/can't pay would still get the updated products of course-just a little later.

   Any plans to create more merchandise (coffee mugs, shirts, 'Feather' pens, etc) or is the profit margin too thin on those?

  I see by your Promo pages that your team is available to customize the OS for individual businesses-is that working out for you? ( I will accept 'Can't discuss' as a viable answer  :dft001:).  On a related note-have you considered a "Generic College/Lab" Lite, a "Generic Internet Business" Lite, a "Server/Network with all options" Lite, a "Multimedia/Gamer Theater" Lite, etc?  If you're available to customize then you've already put  the sweat equity in-and the customization/optionware/Specialty Drivers would justify a 'non-free' option while leaving the (easily-customizable) OS as free as it ever was...

  At any rate-I love the Payment options. It's not like you're holding a gun to anyone's head, or eliminated the 'free' what's the harm?

The introduction of pay what you want is an attempt to fill the gap of where approx. 42% of visitors to the site are using ad blockers. If that can be achieved then we're well on the way to getting me to work on this project full time which will make a massive difference to what people in the future will get. We also have a complete 'product' now that has value. There can be the impression that if something is free, it is no good, or unsafe. People are more likely to pay for goods if those goods have a value and meets their needs. We're safer than MS and offer just as many common tools, and they want anywhere from $130 - $200 for their consumer OS. You can get LL for free or as low as $1.

 8) this is a great idea, i hope this works out, so does this mean that Linux lite donations are not enough ?, i wonder what the monthly/yearly donations are ?, just wondering because this Covid virus is hitting everyone hard financially ....... sorry if i sound nosey or rude, i dont mean too, i am on my 2nd cup of coffee and no food yet.

will a prepaid visa card work  to donate ?, i just want to be extra careful , i already had to freeze my credit and get credit protection for one year, due to the unemployment hack , now T-mobile got hacked for the 5th time in 4 years.

thank you for everything, my desktop pc thanks you too.......

This is a road I'd never thought I'd go down, but we have no choice. Either we stagnate and accept the big G's ever changing algorithms, or we boldly go where others have dared.

I'm talking about the 'Pay What You Can' digital download model that has worked, and is working on other projects.

3rd, and most important line in this thread...Linux Lite will always be free.

I've looked at revenue projections from other Media partners based on our unique and impression stats and they don't even come close to what Google offers so that unfortunately, is not an option.

This system is Live now and is on trial for an unspecified time. If it works, we'll leave it running, if it doesn't work, it will be axed.

Wherever you see this...

and you think...OMG, I have to pay for Linux Lite now....NO you do not. Simply input 0 into the Custom box or click the $0 amount and then you will get a Download link. End of heart attack.

So why the big scary change?

For a while now, it seems we've reached a peak point in earnings. The 'bar' has not moved for nearly a year now. That's long enough for one to react and seek out alternative means of income to get us to the ultimate goal...where I can quit my full time day job and work exclusively on Linux Lite. Imagine that, 8hrs a day dedicated purely to Linux Lite (oh I wish!).

Microsoft Windows 10 as of today will cost you $139 for Home and $199 for Pro from the MS website (19/08/21)

So what do you get for your hard earned $139?

So what are they boasting that you get...

# Fast start up - linux has that covered
# Windows Mixed Reality - I don't know anyone that uses this
# My People - I don't know anyone that uses this
# Windows Ink - I don't know anyone that uses this
# 4K gaming - linux has that covered
# Paint 3D - lol, that is all
# A reimagined Photos app - linux has that covered
# Microsoft Edge - linux has that covered, thanks Satya :)

What else are they promoting on the reasons to Buy Windows page...

Safer and more secure - only when the power is off and Wake on Lan is disabled (but then there's physical access).
More creative, more productive - Gimp, Darktable, Inkscape and more productive? Thousands of programmers who use their favorite IDE would strongly disagree.
Powerful, modern devices - 11th Gen Intel CPU? Latest nVidia GPU, linux has that covered.


Pay nothing or even 50c for Linux Lite and get arguably a more secure, more productive and able to work on modern machines OS solution, or pay $139 to MS for a less secure operating system that you can't make copies of and share with others.


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