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Linux Lite Login Sound Change


big improvement i actually found the old login annoying this one i love :)

What a coincidence. Just a few minutes after reading your last post I fired up LL 2.0 on virtualbox and heard the new greeting for the first time. It's very nice, like it as much or slightly more than the original.

Thanks Scott, you're welcome :)

It's mind boggling to me how involved and time consuming it must be to locate the source of a login sound! Looking forward to hearing the new sound. Thanks for the hard work. ~Scott

It's come to my attention that the login sound for Linux Lite did come from an existing source, despite my efforts to try and find the original source initially. As a result Linux Lite must replace this sound with an original source.

Thanks to Graham for producing this for Linux Lite :) Graham produces original music so check some of it out.

The new Login Sound will be available in your updates soon.


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