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(removed link... not working).
Image not showing (blanc square).

Şerban S.:
So, here is  my "Heaven and Hell":

For now, Linux Lite 4.8 on a Lenovo ThinkPad T400  + Kingston A400, 480 GB. :)
I'm going to make some changes in a few days. I think I'll keep you informed on the dedicated section:

Did my best to re-create at least a bit of what it feels like. The desk is hand-crafted by me, some 17 years ago... :)

PS: Enlarging image.
If you want the details, click on the image, then use the arrow keys to navigate.
Discovered that, testing the crazy idea that it might work.
It proved to be less crazy than I thought, though... :D

This is mine. Lol. Currently installing LL 5 in HP Laptop. My Desktop PC is in "Windows 7 Look" - thanks to Boomerang Project.


You're welcome :)


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