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Linux Lite Achieves Its Goal

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I cannot say enough about how impressed I am with this system. I have used every version of LL since 2.6 and watched as LL progressed toward its goals. No Linux distribution achieves keeping a new user out of the CLI more successfully than Linux Lite 5. As far as I am concerned this in itself makes it by far the most new user friendly Linux system available today for new users coming from Windows. In the office, MS has had a stranglehold for years. Newly hired workers spent hours in classes learning how to use MS software but never received any real instruction on how to administer an MS system. Most new users coming from Windows are of that ilk, and Linux Lite provides them with the easiest potential transition from Windows to a superior Linux product. Simple touches matter to Windows refugees, and thoughtfully selected desktop software like Lite Tweaks and Lite Updates are of inestimable value to them. I am a long time Debian user and probably always will be as long as development continues, but I always recommend and install Linux Lite for Linux beginners. It truly is a beautifully simple and functional system that they always seem to intuitively find their way in.


Humbled. Might have to include this on our Feedback page.

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Well, you can burn it on a flash drive and run it live for a test drive, without installing (you can do it with all linux distros- that's the beauty of linux).

It's Ubuntu based- meaning, all of the Ubuntu depositories will be available to you (all the tools, so if you are looking for a "video editor" you will have MANY options to choose Kodi nox from).

One of my favorite things about Linux Lite is the naming of applications after their function. A newbie wouldn't know, for example, that Thunar is a file manager, nor would they think of "Places" as an application for managing files. So Linux Lite calls it "File Manager."

During COVID I was able to help many families that were forced to home school and who could not afford to buy a computer for the on-line schooling, by putting Linux Lite on their older existing Windows® machines and taking them one single time through starting, updating, adding drivers, and customizing their desktop to suit their own preferences. The Welcome Screen, which offers step-by-step, point-and-click simplicity for maintaining the OS (along with tweaks and all the cool tools) is a huge advantage for newbies.



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