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LibreOffice crash


Thanks. Before I reinstall Is there a settings file like ".mozilla" that I can save? If so where is it?

Found file. Synaptic said LibreOffice config file would be removed with core so was going to save it to USB. Synaptic also said LibreOffice was upgradeable. I guess this is the version the updater was holding back.

Now I am stuck.  :-\

I have no idea why but the problem is fixed. I tried opening a .doc file in file manager by right clicking on it and it opened with New Document (Writer). While it was open I opened a new text document, a new presentation, and a new spreadsheet. I closed then all and they each reopened without trying to recover the deleted file. Maybe it cleared out the file it was trying to recover.  8)

Hi Coastie,

I had the same problem, LO suddenly crashing. Ran updates, and like yourself, told me 17 LO packages held back.
I ran Synaptic, and noticed that the LO packages that were installed were marked as upgradeable.
So I marked them to be upgraded, applied the changes, everything went fine, and LO is now working fine with the latest version.

So just update LO from Synaptic.

I think that a previous system update contained an update that caused problems.

Hope that this helps, it worked OK for me,


I am having a problem with LibreOffice crashing. Yesterday, I opened a MS spreadsheet with LibreOffice. I tried to save it as a xls spreadsheet but it crashed. I e-mailed the spreadsheet to save on my Mac and deleted it on my LL computer. Now when I try to open LibreOffice (any program in it), it offers to recover the document but can't. When I click "Finish" it just closes and will not continue on to open the program.

I would just uninstall then reinstall with Synaptic but the most recent updates say it is holding back some LibreOffice updates. There must be a good reason to hold back those updates.

So how should I solve this problem?  :-\


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