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Yeah ok. I love the forum here. Every time I get a new user from windows introduced to Beryl I tell them if you have any questions go to the forum. They WILL help you get things straightened out.

So far I guess they are using it.
As far as a FB page is concerned, People are using that thing like it is paper and unfortunatly it is going to ba a good place for users to turn to. So is Twitter and all the other common social programs. But I would restrict it to the most common ones. I don't care for FB and their policys but unfortunately they have a huge user base. and the more people that see us on FB or Twitter the better.

I agree with closing something that is not helping though..

IRC is definitely time intensive and closing it is a step in the right direction.  The facility to a direct link to the forums is a great idea.

Having the archived forum available is a great boon too.  I've found good things from them.

Also keeping the FB page non technical is a plus for me.

I agree with Valtam. The forum is a much better place because at least there is a paper trail to solutions, suggestions etc... Very good a timely decision Valtam!

Good decision. Conserve resources so they can be better spent elsewhere. Like sleep!


You're welcome, Valtam. Even in the forums, it seems that to an extent, some of the same questions get asked over and over.

Perhaps some stickies on some common issues, like, let's say, wireless, would help with that, but I don't really know, heheheheh...



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